Polymer Engineering



         Dr. M ohsen Shahrousvand

Polymer engineering is currently one of the most widely used disciplines, because many of the things we see around us are made with the knowledge of polymer science. Polymer engineering is a field that prepares students to produce a variety of products, including rubber, plastics, elastomers, adhesives, resins, and other products needed by industry.


Division of Polymer Engineering at Caspian Faculty of Engineering started its activities in 2015 with B.Sc. program. Currently, this division continues to work with the highest standards with about 100 undergraduate students and 12 postgraduate students in the field of "polymer processing and biomaterials". During the past years, polymer-engineering students of this college have always achieved brilliant results in the national entrance exam "Konkour" for the master's degree. At this time, 3 faculty members are working with students in 10 educational and research laboratorie.


Right now Dr.Mohsen Shahrousvnd Is head of the polymer Engineering division at the Caspian Faculty of Engineering.