Chemical Engineering






Dr Ahmad Hallajisani 

Chemical Engineering is considered as a major field of engineering which can design and operate with plants working in chemical industries. In fact, Chemical engineering is a unique combination of pure science such as chemistryphysics, and mathematics with engineering techniques like, transport phenomena, thermodynamics, mass and energy balance, process control, reaction engineering, simulation and even engineering economics.

    The Chemical Engineering Department of Caspian Faculty of Engineering started its activities officially in educational year of 1996-1997 by admission of 26 students at undergraduate level. Today, the department of Chemical Engineering continues its activities at the highest quality standard level with total enrollment of 104 B.Sc. students and 66 M.Sc. students with specialty of "Design of Separation Processes".  During the past 25 years, the Chemical Engineering students achieved numerous brilliant records, including several top ranked results among all the students in the same field across the country (in the annual nation-wide exams -Konkour). 

    Currently, the 8 faculty members and 170 students at the chemical engineering department of Caspian Faculty of Engineering engage in an integrated research and educational environment in more than 14 well-equipped laboratories.                 

    Admission of students in Caspian Faculty of Engineering", at all the educational levels, is merely performed based on the result of nation-wide exam of "Konkour" and the admitted students (funded by Iranian Ministry of Science and Technology) are subjected to the regulations of tuition-free study in national universities and public higher educational institutes in Iran.